Check checkpoints on a Hyper-V cluster with PowerShell

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Here is a PowerShell script that is listing the VM servers on a Hyper-V cluster and showing the checkpoints if there is any.

The script is showing the first snapshot date, the last snapshot date and the number of existing snapshots for a VM server.

The result is a HTML file.

See here a step by step explanation of the script and the full script to download.

Download the script Check_Checkpoints

Creating the result file and importing the modules for the script:

$Date = Get-Date -Format yyyy-MM-dd
$Cluster = Get-Cluster
$File = "Checkpoint_Report_"+$Cluster+"_"+$Date+".html"
Import-module -Name Failoverclusters, Hyper-V
New-Item -ItemType File $File –Force

Here I am creating the Function I’m going to use on the script.

Crating the HTML file:

Function fWriteHTML 
$date = ( get-date ).ToString('yyyy/MM/dd') 
Add-Content $FileName "<html>" 
Add-Content $FileName "<head>" 
Add-Content $FileName "<meta http-equiv='Content-Type' content='text/html; charset=iso-8859-1'>" 
Add-Content $FileName '<title>Checkpoint_Report</title>' 
Add-Content $FileName '<STYLE TYPE="text/css">' 
Add-Content $FileName  "<!--" 
Add-Content $FileName  "td {" 
Add-Content $FileName  "font-family: Tahoma;" 
Add-Content $FileName  "font-size: 11px;" 
Add-Content $FileName  "border-top: 2px solid #999999;" 
Add-Content $FileName  "border-right: 2px solid #999999;" 
Add-Content $FileName  "border-bottom: 2px solid #999999;" 
Add-Content $FileName  "border-left: 2px solid #999999;" 
Add-Content $FileName  "}" 
Add-Content $FileName  "body {" 
Add-Content $FileName  "margin-left: 5px;" 
Add-Content $FileName  "margin-top: 5px;" 
Add-Content $FileName  "margin-right: 5px;" 
Add-Content $FileName  "margin-bottom: 5px;" 
Add-Content $FileName  "" 
Add-Content $FileName  "table {" 
Add-Content $FileName  "border: thin solid #000000;" 
Add-Content $FileName  "}" 
Add-Content $FileName  "-->" 
Add-Content $FileName  "</style>" 
Add-Content $FileName "</head>" 
Add-Content $FileName "<body>" 
Add-Content $FileName  "<table width='100%'>" 
Add-Content $FileName  "<tr bgcolor='#2F0B3A'>" 
Add-Content $FileName  "<td colspan='30' height='20' align='center'>" 
Add-Content $FileName  "<font face='tahoma' color='#FFFF00' size='4'><strong>Checkpoint_Report -  $date</strong></font>" 
Add-Content $FileName  "</td>" 
Add-Content $FileName  "</tr>" 
Add-Content $FileName  "</table>" 

Writing the cluster name:

Function fWriteRole
Param ($FileName, $cname)
Add-Content $FileName  "<table width='100%'>" 
Add-Content $FileName  "<tr colspan='1' height='20' align='center' bgcolor='#000000'>" 
Add-Content $FileName  "<td width = '100%' color='#000000' size='2' align=center><font color='#FFFC00'><strong>$cname</strong></font></td>" 
Add-Content $FileName  "</tr>" 
Add-Content $FileName  "</table>" 

Writing the node name:

Function fWriteNode
Param ($FileName, $nodeName)
Add-Content $FileName  "<table width='100%'>" 
Add-Content $FileName  "<tr height='20' bgcolor='#000000'>" 
Add-Content $FileName  "<td width = '64%' size='3' align=center><font color='White'><strong>$nodeName</strong></Font></td>" 
Add-Content $FileName  "</tr>"
Add-Content $FileName  "</table>"

Writing the table on the file:

Function fWriteTable 
Add-Content $FileName  "<table width='100%'>"
Add-Content $FileName "<tr bgcolor=#BE81F7>" 
Add-Content $FileName "<td width='10%' align=center>VM</td>"
Add-Content $FileName "<td width='6%' align=center>FirstSnapShotDate</td>"
Add-Content $FileName "<td width='6%' align=center>LastSnapShotDate</td>"
Add-Content $FileName "<td width='6%' align=center>SnapShotCount</td>"
Add-Content $FileName "</tr>"

Writing the information:

Function fWriteVMInfo
Param($FileName, $vmname, $FSSDate, $LSSDate, $SSCount)
Add-Content $FileName "<tr bgcolor=#FFFFFF>"
Add-Content $FileName "<td width='10%' align=center>$vmname</td>" 
Add-Content $FileName "<td width='6%' align=center>$FSSDate</td>"
Add-Content $FileName "<td width='6%' align=center>$LSSDate</td>"
Add-Content $FileName "<td width='6%' align=center>$SSCount</td>"
Add-Content $FileName "</tr>"

Here is the Function that is creating the result:

Function fCreateReport
    Param($Name, $Type)
    If ($Type -match "cluster")
        Write-Host ("Collecting Information from cluster"+$Name) -ForegroundColor Yellow -BackgroundColor Blue
        fWriteRole $File ("Cluster - "+$Name)
        $Nodes = Get-Cluster $Name | Get-clusterNode | where {$_.state -eq "Up"}
        $nodecount = $Nodes.length
        $hostInfo = Get-Cluster $Name | Get-ClusterNode | Select Name, @{Label="VM"; Expression={[int]""}}
        For ($a=0; $a -lt $nodecount; $a++)
        Write-Host ("Processing VM on Host"+$Nodes.Name[$a]) -ForegroundColor Yellow -BackgroundColor Blue
        $VMlist = Get-VM -ComputerName $Nodes.Name[$a]
        $VMCount = $hostInfo[$a].VM = $VMlist.count
        If ($VMCount -ge "1")
            fWriteNode $File $Nodes.Name[$a]
            fWriteTable $File
            For ($b=0; $b -lt $VMCount; $b++)
            Write-Host ("Processing VM - "+$vmlist.Name[$b]) -ForegroundColor Green
            $vmInfo = get-vm -vmname $VMlist.Name[$b] -ComputerName $Nodes.Name[$a]
                If ($vmInfo.ParentSnapShotID)
                $FSSDate = ((get-vmsnapshot -VMname $vmInfo.Name -computername $Nodes.Name[$a]).creationtime | Sort-Object | Select-Object -First 1).ToshortDateString()
                $LSSDate = ((get-VMSnapshot -VMName $vmInfo.Name -ComputerName $Nodes.Name[$a]).CreationTime | Sort-Object | Select-Object -Last 1).ToShortDateString()
                $SSCount = ((Get-VMSnapShot -VMName $vmInfo.Name -ComputerName $Nodes.Name[$a]) | Measure).Count
                $FSSDate = "NA"
                $LSSDate = "NA"
                $SSCount = "NA"
            fWriteVMInfo $File $vmInfo.Name $FSSDate $LSSDate $SSCount
            Write-Host "Finished Processing VM - " $vmInfo.Name -ForegroundColor Yellow -BackgroundColor DarkGreen
            Write-Host "Finished Processing VMs On Hyper-V Cluster Node - "$Nodes.Name[$a] -ForegroundColor White -BackgroundColor Blue
            Write-Host "No VM found on Hyper-V server - " $Nodes.Name[$a] -ForegroundColor Black -BackgroundColor DarkRed
        Write-Host "Finished Processing Cluster $Name" -ForegroundColor Black -BackgroundColor Cyan
fWriteHTML $File

This part is checking the cluster role and starting the script or existing with error:

If (Get-Cluster)
    Write-Host "Checking Server for Hyper-V role" -ForegroundColor Black -BackgroundColor Cyan
    $Liste = (Get-Cluster).Name
    fCreateReport $Liste "Cluster"
ElseIf (Get-Cluster)
    Write-Host "Please run the script from a Hyper-V Cluster node" -ForegroundColor Black -BackgroundColor Red
    Write-Host "()()()EXITING SCRIPT()()()" -ForegroundColor Yellow -BackgroundColor Red

If you would like to copy the file to a network share please add this to the script:

The script is running as follow:

The result file comes as follow:

Enjoy and share.


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